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Customer Speak!

testimonial 1

Ms. Panna Merchant

Cutis is like a comfort zone which I step into whenever I am feeling tired and need to recharge myself and unfailingly, every time I step out of Cutis, I feel confidence oozing out of me with the knowledge that my skin is glowing and that I m looking my best. Thanks Cutis and it's team of friendly personnel for taking care of my skin.

testimonial 2

Ms. Manisha Kapoor

Dr Goel is a very customer oriented professional and has an extremely high skill in her job specialization. Clients can expect to have personalized treatments after detailed consultations with Dr. Goel which her team executes with perfect care . I wish Dr Goel all success and recommend her without any hesitation.

testimonial 3

Dr. Lalan Khatiwada

It was a great opportunity to have training at Cutis Skin Studio® in Mumbai. I would extend my wishes to Dr Apritam Goel and all members of Cutis studio. I'm also working in the same field & I had lots of doubt and query about Botox, filler and lasers. After this training I feel much comfortable to handle my patients & I also learnt to handle the staff and to manage the clinic. I would wish to go through same kind of training again and again.

testimonial 4

Ms. Amillie Waadia

I started coming to Cutis Clinic since 2008 and I could 'nt have asked for a better doctor and friend. I am confident walking all day without a trace of make up at work. A lot of friends in UK/USA ask me how come I have flawless and glowing skin ? Since meeting Dr. Goel I have been told that I look ten years younger...What more could I ask for ??

Thank you Doc as I call her for making my skin glow without make up and also for being my friend in India...I could make special trips to india just for my skin.

testimonial 5

Mr. Max van Lisdonk, Holland

My name is Max van Lisdonk, 37 years old. When I was in India (Goa) for my holiday I met a guy from England, Darrin. We had a conversation about skin and effect of little scars from pimples from the teenage years. Darrin advised me to make an appointment at a beauty clinic in Mumbai called "Cutis". He heard great stories about this clinic in Mumbai and that they have the latest technologies. I googled and found Dr Apratim Goel, the dermatologist at Cutis having a good internet presence. Mailed her with my pic and was thrilled to get a reply in next 6 hours. I decided to visit them and made an online appointment for next week. (was surprised by the technology ease). When I met Dr. Goel she explained the possible treatments for my skin. She told about the newest fractional CO2 laser which will make my skin a lot smoother even after one session, but she warned me that there will be redness and peeling for about a week. Some pre post pics made me take the decision to go for it. I was told that the strength of the laser can be adjusted depending on skin condition and varies from person to person. Since I am white skin (as I am called in India) I was told that I will not have any complications and results will be better compared to Indian skins. he day of the treatment I was a bit nervous when I walked in the clinic, the friendly staff noticed this and try to make me at ease. Just before the treatment they put a numbing gel on my face for 45 min. The treatment took another 45 minutes, and to be honest I was glad the treatment was over. The laser was quite strong (this was my wish) for a better result. After the treatment I felt a burning feeling on my face for an hour.

Next one week skin was red and peeling. I applied sunscreen and a cream given by the clinic. I started noticing changes in my skin in coming weeks with my skin getting smoother and tighter. Now its 5 months post treatment and I can see the results the best now.

My girlfriend (??s) and all my friends and family notice my skin and I get compliments. Waiting for a bollywood offer !!!

I am absolutely thrilled and will recommend the Cutis skin studio® ( to everybody !!

They are really professional, friendly and what I find really important, they give a really good and honest advice about all possible treatments.