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Satin Skin

Get supple, smooth & radiant skin

A clear, glowing and healthy skin is the finest accessory to wear but it is also the most difficult one to naturally have as well! Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a smooth and flawless complexion and that's where, Cutis lends a helping hand.

We have tried and tested, result oriented procedures to tackle your skin woes.

Our skincare services range from

satin skin

Treatment for Acne

Acne is the commonest skin concern seen in dermatology. Various methods, medications & sometimes combination of both are used to treat it. We at cutis, use all three methodologies keeping in account patient's skin type, hormonal status and rest of the medical profile.

Other than surgical and laser techniques to treat acne scarring, we use Dermaroller, a very popular mode of treatment for acne scars (and stretch marks) which fills up the pits with minimal downtime.

Topical Medications for Facial Discoloration

Facial skin discoloration is most commonly seen in women aged between 20 and 40 and it usually affects the forehead, cheeks & upper lips. It is usually seen during pregnancy (known as melasma) and is more prevalent in darker skin people than in fair skinned ones.

Treatment options range from entirely non-invasive skin lightening agents, lightly bleaching the skin, peels that would minimize the skin discoloration and laser treatments.

Photo Rejuvenation

This uses intense pulsed light to improve the texture & appearance of the skin. The treatment can be used to improve freckles, pigmentation, rosacea, sun-damaged skin and broken capillaries.

Chemical Peels

We offer more than 50 types of chemical peels at Cutis for varied skin problems. Dr. Goel will first analyse your skin and then suggest the best suited chemical peel for your particular skin type.