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Surgical Touch-Ups

Get rid of what you don't want

Removal of Unwanted Growths

You can effectively get rid of any unwanted moles, warts & keloids. The CO2 laser is used for removing warts, skin tags and moles. This procedure is generally done under topical numbing cream.

Ear Lobe Repair

Dr. Goel does not believe in the glue method of fixing split ear lobes, as there is a high chance of recurrence. She believes in stitching the lobe after using the surgical laser as it is a fool proof permanent method and the patient is not required to repeat the procedure.

Acne Scars

We undertake all types of acne scar surgeries like subcission, skin grafting, punch grafting or punch floatation. In some cases however, we sometimes need to use filler, in addition to laser.